Sunday, February 25, 2007


Recently I’ve taken an interest in VoiceXML and related technologies which are used to develop a new generation of phone based applications. I’ve also had a few thoughts for a library component to programmatically access my MySpace inbox. The merger of these two itches is becoming a small project known informally as PhoneSpace.

The idea is to access your MySpace mail inbox in the same way you access your phone’s voice mail.

You would dial a 1-800 toll free number and have your messages read out loud by TTS (Text-To-Speech) voice synthesis.

It’s an elaborate process considering it requires a VoiceXML client that connects to a server (ASP.NET) which communicates with MySpace by simulating the user.

I don’t really have the time for these endeavours, but this is something fun that might prove useful.

I have always held a deep interest in technologies that connect us with the world, and more importantly with the software that drives and inter-connects these mediums. I've written software that has connected Pocket PCs, desktops, servers, mobile phones and video game systems to other systems or services enabling communication and control on the go.
It’s satisfying to connect two points together and to provide access to systems in innovative ways.

Coming soon!

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800 Toll Free said...

I just wish dialing a 1-800 on mobile phone will be free of charge.