Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wishlist Gifter Facebook Application

When the Facebook API was release I became excited about it, I knew that social networks were rapidly becoming a part of life, and finally developers would interact with it. Strangely enough I find the possibilities of social networks more interesting than the sites themselves. In the past I leaped onto myspace, but soon became disappointed with their disdain for third party developers. Developer access to social networks enable applications to have a real social context for their users and a real relevance to their lives.

I developed Wishlist Giter to get my feet wet with the Facebook API, which is very intuitive thanks to the .Net Facebook Toolkit. Its purpose is simple, grab a user's wish list from and display the items in the user's profile. The user's friend can look at these, click on them and be directed to pay and ship the item to the user.

The process is seamless, point, click and get your friend/relative the movie or CD they wanted for their birthday.

The application works with the international Amazon sites and only requires the email address you use with Amazon.

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